EkoBOX is an integrated Environmetal Montoring System (EMS) for small data centers. It is a WEB based system with built in SMS and Email alarm notifications.

  • Data Points Monitoring
  • Low Level Interface
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Interface
  • Data Logging
  • Integrated Monitoring

Data Points Monitoring

EkoBOX internally monitors 64 data points and can be expanded to 128 data points. Each data point is constantly evaluated for high and low alarms and pre-alarms. Once an alarm condition is detected, the system generates notifications to the users. All alarms are archived for years.

Data Logging

EkoBOX supports logging for any data point for trending purposes. The logging interval can be individually configured for each point from 1 to 60 minutes. Logged data can be accessed via the Web or backup into memory cards or USB drives. EkoBOX have built 10GB or storage space and data can be archived for years

Low Level Interface

EkoBOX supports all types of low level interfaces through MB16 I/O expansion boards.

Modbus Interface

Each ekoBOX comes with a built-in Modbus port. Both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP are supported. Most leading data center equipment are supported, including DPM, UPS, CRAC and power strips amongst others.

Ethernet/Wifi Connectivity

EkoBOX have built in Ethernet and Wifi port for Web Access