Data center Infrasturcture Management allowing easy management of devices in your racks, including ports and power connections.

The goal of a DCIM initiative is to provide administrators with a holistic view of a data center's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

Assets Management

  • Asset Registration via QRCode, Manual or Excel upload

  • Audit devices inside a rack via QRCode

  • Quick overview of different aspects based on user’s choosing: available rack space, weight, power capacity


Infrastructure Management

  • Track Data Center Inventory, Search and locate equipment in the data center

  • Visually track configuration of assets

  • Provide best location for server in the rack layout utilizing based on different aspects: available space, weight, power capacity (Capacity Planning)


Template Management

  • Online Repository of available device templates from numerous manufacturers

  • Editable Device Templates

  • Device Image Management

Real Time Alarms

  • Alarm threshold can be set for various data points

  • User groups system allow different tier of alarms to be sent to different users

  • Alarm escalation system will inform higher tier user group about unattended alarms

  • Able to weed out noise to prevent false alarm

  • Comprehensive alarm cycle system that has been approved and applied in various sites


Client & Containment Management

  • Suitable for users who rent out racks

  • Assign racks to clients, and monitor power consumption and costs

  • Client summary report listing important data for each client

  • An account will be generated for each client, allowing them to login and monitor the racks they rent

  • Easily create multiple containments, and assing racks to each containment as needed

  • Live value for each containment such as total power consumption and cost

  • Comprehensive Power report for each containment


Heatmap Graphics

  • Shows hot and cold spot

  • Replay temperature changes of choosen time/day


Report Modules

  • Comprehensive type of reports

  • Configurable variables to customize the report

  • Export to excel and print function