PBAT battery mointiring system is a smart solution for lead acid battery that use in UPS, data center, telecom BTS and solar energy storage bank. With build-in webserver and mobile APP, it realize on-line real-time monitoring battery status every time.

  • Build-in Web server for on-line monitoring
  • Voltage, Internal Temperature, Impedance minitoring for Battery Cell
  • Voltage, Current, SOC, SOH monitoring for Battery string
  • Setpoint alarm, Auto Balancing funtion and Data Collecting funtion
  • Auto-sensing for Whole String Battery Sensor's ID address
  • Real time and history data records with curve analysis
  • Support xls, PDF, JPG format export and print out the data
  • Monitor Ambient Temperature and humidity of monitor room (Optional)
  • Support Sound and Light Alarm (Optiona)


  • Hotel, Hospital, Dormitory

  • Commercial Building, Office

  • Residential Building

  • Reconstruction Project

PBAT BMS Including

Management Layer

  • PBAT-GATE: Intelligent Gateway

Battery String Sensor

  • PBAT600: Battery String Sensor

Battery Cell Sensor

  • PBAT61-02: 2 Volt Battery Cell Sensor
  • PBAT61-12: 12 Volt Battery Cell Sensor

Alarm Function

  • Overload, Under load, Over current, Sensor fault

Monitor for individual battery

Monitor for String (group)

PBAT-Gate Intelligent Control Gateway