When you’re responsible for critical information technology equipment, you need instant notification of environmental problems that can impact your server rooms and data centers.

Enviroment Monitoring System monitor the environemnt through temperature sensors, smoke detector, water leaks, complete with comprehensive alarm system

  • Live Alarms
  • Client & Containment Management
  • Heatmap Graphics
  • Report Module

Live Alarms

  • Alarm threshold can be set for various data points

  • User groups system allow different tier of alarms to be sent to different users

  • Alarm escalation system will inform higher tier user group about unattended alarms

  • Able to weed out noise to prevent false alarm

  • Comprehensive alarm cycle system that has been approved and applied in various sites


Client & Containment Management

  • Suitable for users who rent out racks

  • Assign racks to clients, and monitor power consumption and costs

  • Client summary report listing important data for each client

  • An account will be generated for each client, allowing them to login and monitor the racks they rent

  • Easily create multiple containments, and assing racks to each containment as needed

  • Live value for each containment such as total power consumption and cost

  • Comprehensive Power report for each containment


Heatmap Graphics

  • Shows hot and cold spot

  • Replay temperature changes of choosen time/day


Report Modules

  • Comprehensive type of reports

  • Configurable variables to customize the report

  • Export to excel and print function